Kingswood 2014 day 1

Our group was so excited when we arrived at the gates of Kingswood Dearne Valley centre. We met our leader Laura who showed us around and then we got our bags and went to our dormitory. We made our beds and some of us decorated our room too!
We then had two activities, orienteering and Low Ropes. These helped us learn our way around the site and taught us about team work when climbing.
For dinner we had a choice of different types of pasta or Chicken Fajitas with sponge and custard and fruit for pudding.
The evening activity was Scrapheap Challenge which involved creativity, communication, resilience and lots of teamwork. Trying to protect a water balloon from the effects of a 20m drop using only the scrap was very difficult, but we enjoyed the challenge and the water balloons afterwards!

After hot chocolate we walked back to the dorms, and were in bed and lights out at 10.00pm, but asleep a little later than that! Looking forward to what day 2 will bring







Kingswood 2013

We have arrived! All beds made, first activity underway, and we have dinner at 5.30pm



The weather has been so kind to us today. The children have set their personal targets, climbed on the low ropes (learning how to spot and support each other), and designed containers for water bombs! Very excited to get into their beds this evening… But not so ready to get to sleep!



We are all up dressed and have had breakfast. We are now looking forward to a morning of climbing, nightline, bushcraft and then… Leap of faith!!!
We woke up this morning full of excitement for our day ahead

All bags packed, rooms cleared, souvenirs bought and now getting ready for archery. Lots of sleepy children this morning, but everyone enjoying themselves!