Kingswood 2013

We have arrived! All beds made, first activity underway, and we have dinner at 5.30pm



The weather has been so kind to us today. The children have set their personal targets, climbed on the low ropes (learning how to spot and support each other), and designed containers for water bombs! Very excited to get into their beds this evening… But not so ready to get to sleep!



We are all up dressed and have had breakfast. We are now looking forward to a morning of climbing, nightline, bushcraft and then… Leap of faith!!!
We woke up this morning full of excitement for our day ahead

All bags packed, rooms cleared, souvenirs bought and now getting ready for archery. Lots of sleepy children this morning, but everyone enjoying themselves!

Normanton Common Search for a Hero

We are searching for an inspirational hero for our school. Someone whose story and life choices can provide all of us with the inspiration to be the best person we can be.

Follow the link below to see how we launched our project.

Search for a Hero Launch

Write your nomination for a hero in the reply box below. Make sure you put your name in so we know who wrote it. If you are going to comment on a piece of writing, make sure you say what you like and suggest one way to improve it.